Contact Information

Email: xurong DOT liang AT uqconnect DOT edu DOT au

Xurong Liang

Honours Student

(Starting 2022)


Xurong Liang is currently in his third year study of bachelor of computer science degree in the University of Queensland. He is expected to conduct BSc Honors study under the supervision of Prof. Athman Bouguettaya at the University of Sydney from 2022. The project he will be involved in is Pattern Mining for IoT Service Usage. His role is to analyze, investigate, and summarize the characteristics of real IoT data collected from lab/office rooms and implement data mining algorithms to build the service usage pattern model. His interests include big data management, multimedia database, data mining, machine learning and high-dimensional data indexing and analysis. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, fishing and hiking.

Project Title

Pattern Mining for IoT Service Usage

Project Description

Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a pervasive universal computing network where everything and everyone is connected to the Internet. IoT technology is the key ingredient for smart environments such as smart homes, smart campuses, and smart cities. The objective of a smart environment is to provide its users convenience and efficiency. In a smart environment, people interact with IoT devices for various purposes. Understanding their IoT usage behavior is an essential step for providing convenient and comfortable services. We will use sensors to record the service interactions of the people in a smart environment. The project aims to build a service usage pattern model that mines peoples’ service interaction records by applying data mining techniques.