Contact Information

Email: jyao7254 AT uni DOT sydney DOT edu DOT au

Jessica Yao

Honours Student - 2021


Jessica is currently in her final year completing her double degree of Software Engineering and Music Studies. Jessica has enjoyed learning about various aspects of technology such as web and mobile development. As part of her Capstone project last year, she and her small team of other software engineering students created a smart receipt mobile app called Virtual Receipts that can be found on the Play Store! Her other interests involve geeking out to music, cooking and travelling.

Project Title

Crowdsourcing Energy as a Service

Project Description

Energy sharing service, also known as Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), is defined as the wireless transfer of energy among IoT devices. An energy provider is a device that can share energy. An energy consumer is also a device that requests energy. Energy may be harvested through wearables e.g., smart textile or smart shoes. The project focuses on simulating the wireless energy sharing process on real devices and generates an energy sharing dataset that consists of energy services, requests, and an energy harvesting model.

Honours Publications