Contact Information

Jiyad Aglodiya

Honours Student - 2019

Project Title:

Building Middle-ware for Drone Services

Project Description:

The scope of the thesis is to study the different environmental and technical factors that affect drone delivery. To test this, a new module on a current drone simulation is built. The drone simulation software is called AirSim. The purpose of this is to see how these factors impact power consumption. The factors are wind, temperature and payload.  Firstly, with reference to similar research papers and literature, a structure on how the values are calculated for each factor is established. Secondly, using the calculated values already provided in AirSim, the power consumption values for the three mentioned factors are derived using the data and formulae gathered from the research. Finally, the output is reported and displayed in AirSim to assess its impact. These small addition to the framework will allow us to see the impact these factors can have when delivering an item by a drone and how it can be accounted for to ensure a successful delivery from one location to another.