Contact Information

Email: kson2621 AT uni DOT sydney DOT edu DOT au

Kangsan Jackey Song

Honours Student



Kangsan Song is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying in a Bachelor of Advanced Computing, majoring in Computer Science. He is engaging in an honour project under the supervision of Prof. Athman Bouguettaya. Kangsan has a wide interest in diverse technologies in relation to Machine Learning, Mobile Computing and IoT.

Project Title

Energy Consumption Estimation using machine learning models

Project Description

The world is rapidly going wireless. Within a span of a few decades, phones and internet became wireless, and now charging has become wireless. Wireless charging refers to the transfer of energy among devices without the need for a connecting cable [1]. A wireless energy-sharing platform is required to facilitate the sharing of energy. This project focus on collecting a real dataset of wireless charging and a machine-learning algorithm to capture the energy sharing patterns of smartphone users.