Contact Information

Email: ofre0341 AT uni DOT sydney DOT edu DOT au

Oliver Freeman

Honours Student



Oliver Freeman is an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Adv. Studies in Finance and Computer Science at the University of Sydney. He is completing his final year doing an honours project under Muhammad Umair and the supervision of Prof. Athman Bouguettaya. He has a passion for programming and solving complex problems with experience ranging from web development to systems programming.

Project Title:

Trust in Crowdsourced Image Services

Project Description:

Social media has become a key platform to share news and information related to public events e.g., road accidents and crime scenes. Images related to these events can reveal some interesting facts about the incident. Reconstructing a scene based on these crowdsourced images can help to better investigate an incident. Existing work on scene analysis and reconstruction is based on image processing. These techniques are costly in terms of computation. There exist some service-oriented approaches for scene reconstruction as well. A fundamental assumption in these works has hitherto been that the crowdsourced images are trustworthy. In this project, we propose a more objective approach relying on the modifications within the image to assess their trustworthiness. We only utilize the image metadata to assess the trustworthiness of the image. Hence, the computation and resources required will be less as compared to image processing.