Contact Information

Email: rjay6181 AT uni DOT sydney DOT edu DOT au

Ravi Jayaraman

Mobile Application Developer at University of Sydney

Internship Student - 2020


Ravi Jayaraman is a summer intern at the SCS lab at the University of Sydney. He received his bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Pune, India 2016 and his Masters degree in Information Technology Project Management from University of Sydney. He is currently working as an enterprise application developer at the University of Sydney with more than three years of demonstrated experience in development, specializing in mobile applications. His research interest is in the field of IoT services.

Project Title:

Service Mining in IoT-based Smart Home 

Project Description:

This project focuses on improving convenience for the occupants in the smart home. Intuitively, convenience can be considered as the benefits brought by the intelligent system which is able to recognize the occupant’s ongoing activities and respond proactively at the right time and in the right place. This reduces the occupant’s interactions with the IoT services. Let us imagine a convenient life scenario in the occupant’s smart home. When the occupant wakes up in the morning, the heater in the bathroom starts to preheat. So, when the occupant goes into the bathroom to take a shower, it is already warm, and he does not need to wait. While he is taking a shower, the music player is turned on automatically to create a more relaxing showering experience. To fulfill convenient life scenarios, our project coordinates multiple key tasks including activity discovery, activity recognition, activity prediction, service personalization, and movement detection.