Contact Information

Email: ssodani007 AT gmail DOT com

Saksham Sodani

Internship Student - 2021


Saksham Sodani is a third year B. Tech. student at IIT Delhi majoring in Mathematics and Computing in 2023. He is an intern under the supervision of of Prof. Athman Bouguettaya at the University of Sydney. He is currently involved in the Long term cloud services selection project. He is very passionate about music and a tech enthusiast. 

Project Title:

Long term cloud services selection project

Project Description:

Long-term IaaS cloud service selection is a topical research area in cloud computing. Subscribing to an IaaS service for a long period is an important business decision for many organizations due to economic reasons. The performance of IaaS services is one of the most important criteria for long-term selection. Selecting a service that may exhibit poor performance in the future may cause a significant loss of revenue for a business organization. Unfortunately, IaaS providers typically reveal minimal performance information in their advertisements due to market competition and business secrecy. The lack of detailed and complete performance information makes the long-term selection challenging. This project aims to discover the performance of various IaaS cloud services that will help a consumer make an informed decision for the long-term period. We aim to leverage free trials offered by cloud providers. We will run some existing benchmarks with variable load to study the performance behavior of IaaS services.