Contact Information

Email: slee3812 AT uni DOT sydney DOT edu DOT au

Seunghyun Sherlyn Lee

Internship Student



Seunghyun Lee is a second-year undergraduate Dalyell Scholar, studying Bachelor of Advanced Computing double majoring in Computer Science and Computational Data Science at the University of Sydney. Seunghyun likes to implement her new ideas with technology; with one of her robotics idea, she has been a finalist in one of the National Startup Competition 2021. Seunghyun is interested in IoT, Robotics, Software Development, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Project Title:

Multi-Package Delivery Using Single Drone in a Skyway Network

Project Description:

Even though the world has been fascinated by drone delivery ideas for a decade, there still exist some limitations such as battery consumption that hinder the realization of the delivery drone. The project is trying to create a dataset to support further research on drone delivery, especially with multiple packages. The project aims to construct a flight log dataset of a single drone delivering multiple packages. A drone will autonomously fly the planned paths within a skyway network while carrying multiple packages. The drone will soon drop each package at different locations. Various attributes such as flight time and battery consumption of the drone will be recorded during each flight and included in the dataset. The dataset will be used for computing the best skyway segments for a single drone that delivers multiple packages to different places.

Internship Publications: