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Email: sguo 8085 AT uni DOT sydney DOT edu DOT au

    Shilong Guo

    Internship Student



    Shilong Guo is an undergraduate student studying in degree of Bachelor of Advanced Computing, majoring in Software Development. He is currently an internship student in Scslab under the supervision of Prof. Athman Bouguettaya. His research interests include the Machine Learning and Data Analytics

    Project Title:

    Drones Reordering in Swarm-based Services

    Project Description:

    Drone swarms used for delivery may fly in different formations for energy conservation purposes. Depending on the wind direction, a swarm may undertake different fly formations to reduce drag forces that consume energy. The reordering of swarm members is a common behaviour that occurs in nature (eg. bird flocks) to conserve energy. A swarm member’s energy consumption is typically determined by its position in a formation. We propose reordering a drone swarm formation to reduce the load on the most energyconsuming positions and efficiently distribute energy use. In this project, we use real drones to learn the effect of reordering a formation on the energy consumption through data collection and analysis. Machine learning algorithms would be implemented to predict the optimal reordering mechanism given the different intrinsic (eg. payload and battery capacity) and extrinsic constraints (eg. wind conditions).

    Internship Publications: