Contact Information

Email: slui2950 AT uni DOT sydney DOT edu DOT au

Shing Tai Tony Lui

Honours Student



Tony is a student who’s doing his final year in Bachelor of advanced computing degree, majoring in Data Science. He enjoys learning about new things and experimenting with them. For example, this year he has jumped into the mobile app development industry and do an internship there, which he had no experience before starting it. Other than programming, he enjoys listening to music, reading books and watching movies as well.

Project Title

Machine Learning-based Approach to Estimate Energy Availability from Fitbit data.

Project Description

Current Wearable technologies such as Fitbit allow capturing health-related data. For instance, an apple watch permits its wearer to keep track of their ECG, heartbeats, footsteps, etc. Some fitness apps would combine the health-related data with the profile and eating habits to calculate the burned calories and help people achieve their fitness goals. In this project, we aim to extend the capability of wearables to estimate the available harvested energy to be shared.

Honours Publications