Contact Information

Email: yliu8378 AT sydney DOT edu DOT au

Yuyun Liu

Internship Student



Yuyun Liu is an undergraduate student doing the Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software). She is interested in the application of artificial intelligence in industry, machine learning, and deep learning area.

Project Title:

Detecting Fake Content on social media

Project Description:

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. Social media users upload a lot of content on different social media platforms. The content shared on social media may contain untrustworthy images. Existing approaches relies on image processing and object- oriented techniques to detect fake images on social media. These solutions are costly and computationally intensive. Some recent solutions investigate comments on a post to assess credibility of an image. These solutions may not accurately determine the credibility of an image because the fake posts on social media can still get supportive comments. We leverage the metadata of an image and the related posted information to determine the trustworthiness of a crowdsourced image. This information may reflect some changes in the image. For instance, there may be some discrepancies in the metadata which might be an indication of modifications in the image. Therefore, investigating this meta-information may provide useful insights about the changes introduced in the image.