IoT Service Recommendation for Multi-resident Smart Homes

IoT Service Recommendation for Multi-resident Smart Homes

3 Aug 2017

Dipankar Chaki and Athman Bouguettaya.

The objective is to develop a novel IoT service recommendation framework for multi-resident smart homes. Our motivation is to enhance the convenience and efficiency of the residents by recommending appropriate IoT services. However, different residents may have different preferences for using an IoT service in a home. For example, one resident may prefer the light to be “on” while watching TV, and another resident may prefer it to be “off” while watching TV. Hence, an IoT service conflict is raised. The project aims to build a novel conflict taxonomy that categorizes different types of conflicts. The taxonomy provides the baseline to design a conflict detection framework considering the functional and non-functional properties of IoT services. The project also aims to develop an adaptive service recommendation model which resolves all the conflicts and suggest available services to the residents to make their lives convenient and comfortable.

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